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HINDUSTAN INOX Ltd.is one of the largest manufacturers of Stainless Steel Round Bars and Wires and have achieved the quality standards to match the need of customers across the globe in more the 60 countries. With its modern facilities, experienced management and employees, Hindustan has established itself as business partner for its customer and not just being another supplier.

At Hindustan, we are committed to building value for all the partners in the value chain. This included our customers, suppliers and our employees. We strive to compete in the global marketplace by focusing on our values & sustaining those values in every branch of business.

As a global player, we are committed to maintain world-class quality standards, efficient delivery schedules, competitive price and excellent customer relationships.

Our main task now is to fulfill our promises timely and reduce costs by being more efficient & passing the cost savings to the customer.

For any inquires regarding stainless steel bright bars, stainless steel wires, stainless steel threaded bars & stainless steel welded pipes


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