Size Range
0.9 mm to 22.00 mm dia Stainless Steel Wire - Supply Condition and Packing.


Nails, Staples, Rivets, Wedge Screen, Springs, Bicycle and Umbrella Spokes, Annealed wire for Redrawing, Strainers, Cold Heading Wires, Slings and Chains, Conveyor belts, Steel balls and Wall ties, Welding Electrodes

Size Condition Packing
1.00 to 4.76 mm
0.0393" to 0.1874"
Bright Washed or with residual lube on surface 1/8 hard
1/4 hard
1/2 hard
Coils of 50 kgs
Coils of 350 kgs on tabular carriers
On metal reels
On wooden reels
  Matte finish ( Soap Drawn, Soap Drawn and Washed )
Bright Annealed (soft)
1/8 hard
1/4 hard
1/2 hard
3/4 hard
Spring hard
On tubular carriers 1000 kgs
Coils of 300 - 500 kgs on tubular carrier
Cheese coil
On Metal reels
On wooden reels
4.80 to 22.00 mm
(0.189" to 0.8661"
Bright finish Washed / with residual lube

1/8 hard
1/4 hard
1/2 hard

On tubular carriers coils of 500 kg
  Matte finish ( Soap Drawn,Soap Drawn and Washed )

1/2 hard
3/4 hard /
Spring hard

Cheese coils
On coils of 500 kgs
On tubular carriers


Stainless Steel Wire for General Purpose

Special Characteristics

  • Produced from wire rods meeting international standards
  • Supplied in annealed, 1/4 hard, 1/2 hard
  • Drawn in very close tolerance limits.
  • Excellent surface finish.
  • Suitable for Electropolishing
  • Quality checked at each process stage
  • Available in complete range as per AISI, DIN, BS AND JIS standards

Free Cutting Stainless Steel Wire

Special Characteristics

  • For specific work requirements, free-cutting wire of stainless must be selected taking such factors into consideration as fatique, usage, strength, corrosion, resistance, impact resitance, etc.
  • TYPE 303, 416, 430F, 316F, 420F Sulphur (s%) is added by about 0.15 to 0.35% to improve machinablity.

Stainless Steel Wire for Cold Heading Quality

Special Characteristics

  • Excellent in corrosion resistance and mechanical strength and is the most suitable material for bolts, nuts, screws, Philips head screw and other types of fasteners and has a marked work hardening characteristics.

    Supply Condition
  • Wires are vicafil coated to ensure smooth heading operations
  • Conditons: Cold Drawn and Annealed / Cold Drawn and Annealed and Skin pass or as per customers requirement with very fine tolerance.